13th 2008
Closing out “my” season with #10

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It takes so little to twist my arm for yet one more whale watch… in the week following the last one, I got an email from a friend about wanting to go out sometime. After the trip on the 5th was so good, I couldn’t resist thinking about getting out again this season. That someone else wanted to go as well was all the impetus I needed!

2ww1008jgl8tSo, we met in Gloucester on a sunny and gorgeous day. We did not see an especially large number of whales, not the 15+ from the week before, but with different behaviors. We spent about 45 minutes watching Jabiru flipper slapping. According to the Whale Center naturalists on board, this was a protracted display; they don’t usually carry on for this long. Did make for some nice photography!

We eventually left Jabiru because some breaching could be seen off in the distance, and who doesn’t like to see that? As we got closer, the breaching fell off, but we found ourselves amongst Tornado and Owl and their calves. The moms were apparently doing some feeding while the calves swam around. Owl gave us some good views of the deep scarring on her body, left over from a bad entanglement. It’s testament to the both the resilience of these animals to recover and the dangers they face in their own waters because of human activity.


This was a terrific whale watch to have to end my own season. I didn’t out as much as I had hoped, but did better that I thought I might. In this summer of screamingly high fuel prices, a 2.5 hour drive each way on top of the increased whale watch cost due to fuel makes for a fairly expensive trip. Every single one was worth it, and I already cannot wait for the 2009 season to begin.

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