11th 2008
How to Kill a Whale – why would one try?

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It isn’t easy. Recently in Australia, officials decided to “euthanize” a sick whale that had stranded. Despite the fact that mother nature has been taking care of whales in all respects for millions of years, despite loads of empirical evidence that there is no humane way to kill a whale (eyewitness reports from those observing whalers, some stories here), the officials decided they could trump mother nature and “humanely” kill this whale.

They were wrong. The dynamite blast only caused pain and thrashing. They then had to shoot this whale. It took another 15 minutes for the animal to die.

I can believe that the animal was in discomfort before hand, but this account indicates it was “simply” lying on the beach. We can’t really know what it was physically feeling. So where do these Australian officials come off trying to step in? Australia is one of the leaders in combating whaling operations by Japan, especially since Japan routinely flouts the established marine sanctuaries established by Australia in the Southern Ocean. They are closer than anyone (besides Sea Shepherd, perhaps) to know what happens to the harpooned whales. Does it really make sense they would use untried, guesstimate methods to attempt to save this whale from suffering?

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