6th 2008
Right Whales’ other nemesis: Dick Cheney

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It is not a secret that the current US administration is no friend to the environment, and here’s just one more example. I had heard about this in May on the Earth Day whale watch, but there is now a story on CNN.com as well: Plan to save whales strangling in red tape. As if they don’t have enough trouble with fishing gear!

Basically, a plan was submitted to the OMB about regulating speed of ships through right whale habitats. OMB is supposed to rule these things in 90 days, but in this case they have sat on it for over a year and a half. Why? Because Dick Cheney wants to kowtow to industry and not have any concern whatsoever on the critically endangered whales. Apparently, a potential 1% increase in fuel is worth more than our natural heritage, especially when humans are the reason that natural heritage is in the brink of extinction in the first place.

This is just one more pathetic example of profit overruling science. This administration’s term cannot end soon enough. Call his office, 202-456-1111, or send an email and let him know it is time to stop this ridiculousness. And don’t forget to contact your own Congresspeople and Senators as well to ask them to speak up on this.

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