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August 21st 2008
Out again, #8

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I had promised my youngest nephew that I would take him whale watching before school started for the year. I didn’t plan to let the school year sneak up on me before we went! So, off we went. The good thing is the memories would be fresh in his mind for sharing with his friends. I am impressed with how he did on the day given the 2.5 hour car ride each way, and another hour each way on the boat with the whales as the highlight event. Not sure if he has the patience to do it again any time soon, but we did get a pretty darn good whale watch out of it.

Again I went to Gloucester to go out with Capt. Bill and Sons. For a youngster’s first whale watch, I really didn’t want to deal with the crowded Aquarium boats even though it is a shorter drive. The trip from Gloucester was certainly well attended but the people density is still a lot better for views than on larger boats, IMNSHO. It was a beautiful day with terrific visibillity; we could see the Boston skyline on our way out.

2ww808hgl1tFirst sighting was a juvenile whale which did a tremendous display of tail breaching. I am not sure the nephew could really appreciate it, being his first time out and all, but I was pretty excited about it! We found a number of other humpback whales as well, and got a good look at a fin whale. The identified humpbacks included Crown and her calf, Etch a Sketch, Percussion and Infinity.

All told, the final count as presented by the naturalists included over a dozen humpback whales, a couple of fin whales, and several minkes. Not surprisingly, the nephew fell asleep on the way home, but he seemed to have a good day. He took his own photos with the disposable cameras I brought for him, got to see the humpback skeleton at the Whale Center of New England, and can now say he has had the same experience as his two older brothers.

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