7th 2008
Season winding down, whale watch #9

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This trip was a special treat for me. I was in Boston for a weekend to celebrate my 40th birthday, and it seemed only natural to take in a whale watch while in the area. So off I went again to Gloucester on a lovely though overcast fall day and was rewarded with yet another terrific whale watch. Really, all I need is to see a whale for it to be a good whale watch, but on this day, we got some great stuff.

1ww1008igl17tIt was a busy day out on Stellwagen bank with loads of small boats out fishing. Apparently the fishing was good on all counts because we came across a number of whales engaging in surface feeding. We got some fantastic looks at the baleen as the whales sat at the surface and were slow to close their mouths at times. There was not a lot of other surface activity to see but that’s ok. The open mouth feeding was an exceptional treat.

In the end, we saw more than a dozen humpback whales, including Banyan (becoming one of my favorites), Loon, Pipette, Echo and calf, Tectonic, Evolution, Tulip, Tracer and Habanero.

I can’t imagine a better thing than to have a grand whale watch during a big birthday weekend.

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