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April 30th 2009
Kicking off 2009

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The good thing about whale watching in April is yay! whale watching season has started again! The tricky thing about whale watching in April is that it is early in the season and there is not as much happening out on Stellwagen Bank as would be later on. Still, thanks to the kindness of a friend, we went out on the New England Aquarium‘s Voyager III.

Being on a Monday with school still in session, the boat was refreshingly not crowded. It was also a little chilly out on the water, but we were mostly prepared for that. There were a few people on the boat in shorts and without jackets, so I think they mostly stayed in one of the cabins.

1ww09a17atSince there was still a very high density of right whales in Cape Cod Bay, the boat headed more to the north end of Stellwagen Bank in order to give the right whales some space. And again, since it was early in the season, there weren’t a lot of other whales around yet. Caught a passing look at a fin whale. Some minkes popped up around us as well. Our best look at a humpback was courtesy of Giraffe. She seemed to be doing some just below the surface feeding as we did get to see a bubble cloud. Got a couple of good looks at the flukes, too. There was another humpback whale in the distance but we didn’t close enough for a solid ID.

As usual, any whale watch where a whale is seen is a good day. But, I am also looking forward to more trips, hopefully, through the season as more humpbacks return to Stellwagen Bank.

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