23rd 2009
Missed whales and dead whales

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It is getting close to the end of October and that means the end of the whale watching season here in the Northeast US. I had hoped to get out one more time before the end, but weather and budget are getting in the way. Sighting reports have dropped as well, so it seems the migration is well under way and it falls to me to bide my time until spring. Makes the news of the return of humpbacks to Hawaii that much more of a siren’s song. One day I will see whales in those waters…

Meanwhile, I shift into more of a mode of watching for stories and reflecting upon them. Which brings me to the dead whales of the post’s title. There’s an interesting story from the UK about a biologist’s experience with trying to learn from the body of a dead whale. As he says, “everybody should watch a whale being dissected – it teaches us about life“. Does make me glad that I made the effort to watch some of the dissection of a fin whale back in May. Gruesome business though it is, seeing these animals so closely adds a whole new dimension to their reality, and reaches people who might suddenly see the beauty of these animals and want to do more to try to save them.

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  1. Annie on 30 Nov 2009 at 12:48 am #

    Hi! Can’t comment on watching dead whale dissection, however regarding your comment about the end of the whale watching season in the US, it seems strange that the whale watching season in Australia is also coming to a close. It is amazing that the northern whales and the southern whales seem in sync with each other in their migration patterns. They truly are amazing creatures!

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