31st 2012
2012 Whale Watching Season Kick Off!

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I am a little late in making this post. I went out on my first trip of the year on May 6, from the New England Aquarium. Rather quiet day that day. Our only sighting was Pisces and her calf, as well as a grey seal.

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, I went out on four trips with the Dolphin Fleet out of Provincetown MA. While 3 of the 4 days were somewhat foggy, it was an incredible weekend all around for surface activity. We pretty much saw everything: open mouth surface feeding, deep feeding, breaching, tail breaching, lob tailing, flipper slapping. I am going to write at more length about the trips in a future post, once I have the 1500+ photos sorted and edited down. But, for now, I am going to share here a video I shot on my iPhone 4, of Sanchal flipper slapping *right* next to the boat on Tuesday, May 29.

This was my first time attempting to do such a thing. I had a tight grip on the phone (mostly held vertically) in my left hand, and was attempting to continue to take photos with my right hand on the DSLR. Hindsight being what it is, I should have held the photo sideways for a more complete frame. But I am still fairly pleased with the quality, all things considered.

Enjoy, and watch for more from this weekend, including photos.

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